“Nothing in this life is constant, nor is anything written. It is what we do with the life that we are given, and the path that we walk that defines the person we are and the person we choose to become..” -Katrina Marie

The Beginning...

Three decades ago in the Winter solstice that a young Rava by the name of Ysera Hyskaris was born. Ysera was no ordinary Viera, she was always curious and was constantly questioning things around her. Questioning how and why things worked the way they did and why things were they way they were. Ysera was a gifted Viera, her intellect and her abilities were unmatched. She was different somehow; it was almost as if she could control the Aether.It was as if her entire body was a conduit. At the young age of eighteen, Ysera decided that it was time to leave the Golmore Jungle to pursue a much different path than those before her. She collected all her notes from her studies, made peace with her family and made her way to Gridania.Upon arriving in Gridania, Ysera sighed a sigh of relief looking towards the sunny skies and decided that it would be best to take on a common name to blend in with this new civilization. While resting next to the creek outside of the Inn, her ears began to twitch. A voice only she could hear whispering- “Katrina Marie”It was here in Gridania where Ysera Hyskaris had died and Katrina Marie was born. Well rested and reborn, Katrina enlisted herself with the Conjurer’s Guild to practice White Magic under the tutelage of E-Sumi-Yan.

Always Forward, never backwards…

During Katrina’s stay in Gridania she began to make a name for herself by taking part in hunts as well as helping the locals in need. As she continued her training with the Conjurer’s Guild she studied in her off time as an understudy of Botany under Fufucha. Here she learned that art of procuring resources from all forms of plant life in Eorzea. Learning how to harvest vegetables and grains, tending fruit-bearing trees, logging timber and much more. Given her natural ability and experience in the Golemore Jungle, Katrina excelled and quickly climbed the ranks becoming a Master Botanist.In a few years she found herself longing to learn more about the different classes of Magic. It was a relaxing summer’s night when the voice that she heard so long ago reappeared. Katrina closed her eyes, and her ears began to twitch when the voice softly spoke— “Seek out the City in the sand should thou desire more secrets of Magic.”

Exploshunssssss and Potions…

It was in Ul’dah where Katrina had sought out the leader of the Thaumaturge’s Guild, Cocobuki. Black Magic was far more different than the restorative magics that she had studied under E-Sumi-Yan in Gridania. This magic was more…offensive, a type of battle magic. This was the kind of magic should you find yourself cornered in the streets of Ul’dah being bothered by some thugs that you would use to convince them otherwise for crossing your path.It had a draw to it, something that called out to a darker side of her. Where there is light, there is darkness. In her down time between Aether draining lessons from Cocobuki, Katrina sought a form of employment by putting her Botanist abilities to good use. She sought out Severian, the leader of the Alchemist Guild. Here Katrina learned how to make both beneficial potions and elixirs, while at the same time making potent potables.It did not take long for her to mastery Alchemy.. seasons came and past, and with each passing day Katrina became more formidable. Even Cocobuki himself could not believe the progress she had made. Through the many toils and snares in her training she was able to master Black Magic and be recognized as a “Black Mage” and senior member of the Thaumaturge Guild.Walking down the streets of Ul’dah Katrina ran into a Distraught Lass who had begged her to help her save her sister who was kidnapped. Katrina was never one to turn away a challenge, let alone someone who asked her for help. With a warm-hearted smile she consoled the Distraught Lass and with confidence stated that she would help her find her sister. Outside the Gate of Thal a well-dressed Lass was within distance surrounded by would-be kidnappers. As Katrina rushed to her aid, a gentleman in red appeared stepping in and assisted in dispatching these villains. The traveler introduced himself as X’rhun Tia, a Miqo’te and Crimson Duelist. After securing the two women and ensuring they were safely on their way home, X’ruhn stated how impressed he was by Katrina’s strength of character and offered to teach her Red Magic. Without second thought, Katrina took X’rhun up on this offer and took on the mantel of the Red.


It was in near winter where Katrina found herself wandering in the streets of Ul’dah near the brimming heart in the Goblet district where she found a flier posted near the market board. She had always been one to be reserved around other people until she could feel as if she could fully trust them. Katrina was a person who could be described as independent, streetwise, book smart, and someone with a good heart. The flier she would read was a recruitment post from a free company by the name of Black Lotus. While being a free company that recruited new adventures to brave the greater threats to Eorzea, Black Lotus also owned a Night Club. The flier read “Experience more exotic pleasures in the dark…” The Goblet Ward 10, Plot 13 Open Monday’s and Thursday’s from 7pm to 10pm. Inquire within.Katrina made her way through the Goblet and arrived at her destination. Her ears twitched as she was approached and greeted by an individual from the Free Company which resembled the characteristics of a Kitsune. She readied a defensive stance her hands ready to cast should this fox try any trickery… The kitsune preformed and eastern bow and greeted her.“Hello, and welcome to The Black Lotus!”She watched her every move and slowly shifted into more of a receptive stance and shook the Kitsune’s hand. “Hello, my name is Katrina Marie, and you are?”
“Tonilyn Ryujin, the owner of this Free Company and Night Club. How can I help you?”
Katrina holds up the flier she found near the market board and points at it.
“I see you’re looking for some help, perhaps I may be of some assistance. Perhaps we could go inside and discuss this opportunity further?"Tonilyn and Katrina walked into the estate where conditions of her employment were discussed at length. Later that evening, Katrina accepted Tonilyn’s offer and would become a dancer and bartender for Black Lotus. Not only that, but she was selected to join her group of friends to serve in the capacity as a solider under her lead to defend Eorzea of any potential threats with extreme prejudice.During Katrina’s time as a bartender at Black Lotus she would continue to work on her studies involving Alchemy. On her journeys she discovered a book with ancient text that appeared to be a recipe for a Fantasia potion that would not only alter the users form for an extended period of time, but give them the ability to switch between these forms. She would spend countless hours attempting to decipher this text and began to concoct one of these ancient Fantasias. After a few weeks of calculating the materials needed and piecing together everything needed the Fantasia was completed. In her private estate, Katrina had popped the cork from the bottle and took a swig. She was used to hard liquor, so this was nothing for her to handle. The contents of the potion went down smoothly and was quite refreshing with a hint of grape to it.Summoning all her inner strength to get up from the floor, Katrina made her way to the shower to clean up. The thoughts began to cross her mind and she questioned herself
“How did I get on the floor, what happened?”
She remembered nothing of the evening before and had no idea why she was on the floor to begin with. Katrina wrapped a towel around herself and made her way in front of a steamed mirror. She took a hand and wiped the mirror down only to see that her hand was not her hand… Frantic, she continued to wipe away the steam from the mirror only to reveal that she was no longer herself. The Viera that she once was, was no longer the reflection that started back at her in the mirror. She would discover that she was now a Miqo’te. A sigh came from Katrina as she saw her new appearance as she whispered to herself.“Ah, shit...”

Things are not quite what they seem…

On her quest to correct her alchemic mistake that altered her form, Katrina stumbled upon an artifact hidden deep in the forest of Shirogane. The artifact was a small, intricately designed statue of a fox, which glimmered in the afternoon sunlight.Katrina was fascinated by the statue and took it home with her, placing it on a shelf in her room. After conducting some research and speaking with the locals, it was said to be a talisman, imbued with the spirit of a Kitsune. As the days passed, she began to notice strange changes in herself. Her senses became sharper, her agility improved, and her intuition was heightened.One night, under the light of the full moon, Katrina felt a strange sensation in her body. She felt a warmth spreading through her veins and a tingling sensation all over. Then, she saw nine tails sprout from her back. She was shocked and afraid, not knowing what was happening to her.But as the night wore on, Katrina felt a sense of calm wash over her. She realized that she had become a Kitsune herself, and that her nine tails gave her immense power and agility. Over the years, Katrina embraced her new identity as a Kitsune.

Bardly Affairs

It was a night to remember…After nearly half a year break from the club scene, Katrina returned to The Black Lotus as a part-time bartender. Patrons from around Eorezea would come in droves to experience the Anime Night Event. The staff as well as guests were encouraged to dress up as their favorite characters from tales from lands far away. During the event, there was a staff auction, giveaways, a costume contest, and entertainment provided by a bard troupe called “Bards of the Crimson Crystal.Music is a passion of Katrina’s and she always wanted to bard since she was younger. At the end of the evening, one of the troupe made their way to the center stage to play another set after hours. She could be described as a confident, yet slightly cocky Miqo’te with ashen skin, eyes of light blue and purple, and short black hair with red tips. She introduced herself to Katrina as one of the leaders of The Bard College, Z’ylarix Colfire. Intrigued, Katrina approached her and asked for more information. In the end, it leads to her become Ms. Colfire’s student.Katrina had attended a few lessons with her teacher and picked up rather fast. She was plucking away at those harp strings in no time. On Friday nights she would attend an Open Mic night and perform the music she had prepared. Z’ylarix and Katrina became close friends as their lessons continued. She felt that she could confide in her and seek her council when needed. Katrina later branched out playing at multiple musical festivals, on the streets of Limsa and in other venues sharing her love of music with all of Eoreza.

Strike a Pose

Snow began to fall from the grey sky of Ishgard as The Starlight Celebration was fast approaching. The nightclub which Katrina worked for was preparing for their “Sweater Weather” event and she was one of the few selected to be featured in an upcoming flier. This is where Katrina met a Spunky Miqo’te who called herself Maya.Katrina and Maya never were formally introduced, nor did they really speak to one another as Katrina worked part time as a bartender and Maya worked as an escort and was also the venue’s photographer.A photoshoot would ensue and a few of her colleagues were paired off and Katrina was left to pair with Maya. During the photoshoot, a few pleasantries were exchanged between the two and a friendship had started to form amongst them.Maya had a passion for photography and that passion drove her into creating her own business which she called Costa Del Sol Photography. As an amateur photographer, Maya needed to expand her portfolio. It was after Heavensturn that Maya approached Katrina and asked her how she felt about being one of her models for her Photographer business. When asked Katrina was more than happy to help her as her model and as her friend by giving her the support she needed to grow.

Spin me right round, like a record baby right round, round round

The once cold winter that year came to pass and the warmer weather came back to the realm. Running a venue Katrina always had to book entertainment for the patrons. A new found source of entertainment emerged. Sounds of music would fill the venues across the realm as bodies would bump and grind on the dance floor. The era of The DJ was born.Katrina had hired plenty of musical guests as well as maintaining her bard roots with her teacher as well as her friends. Always curious by nature she would inquire about this ability. She reached out to a friend of hers and was given a brief lesson on how to wield the magics of what was called a DJ Deck. Lessons of mixing, managing keys and understanding the fundamentals.Katrina started her journey in the summer of the year 2021. As a new DJ she would practice out on the streets of limsa and took her shot at spinning at fire & Ice. She was a novice to the craft but her personality had won over the crowds. It wasn't until later where she had her big break for an event raising funds for the people of Eorzea. after her show, she was approached by a few travels and asked to perform at their venues. thinking of a name for her self she thought of what would slip off the tongue and sound pleasing to the masses. DJ Kit Kat was born.Music was in her soul. It coursed through her veins just as her magic. The music would speak to her, every song that she mixed, every one that she would share with the masses would lighten the mood. As Katrina played more shows, the more venue owners and other talent scouts would reach out to her. One of the largest audiences she ever had involved 2,500 guests. This spark ignited her career as a DJ and to this day has done over 800 shows across all Eorzea.

It's not personal, just business

HSM Storyline

Katrina Marie

Age: 34
Height: 4'10
Weight: 115 Pounds
Body Type: Curvy and Toned
Eyes: Heterochromia Red + Silver
Profession: Venue Owner, Bard, Model, Alchemist, & DJSTATUS: Consigliere to The Madam of Primal & Underboss of HYPE SQUAD MAFIAResident DJ: Golden Ring, 226 Club, EXO AETERNA, CHAOTIC KAT'S & DARLINGSDJ Teams: HYPERDRIVE, W.E.T, Sugar rush & hype krew